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Meet Russian Brides & Find Family Happiness

If you’ve ever used online dating, you may have come across quite a lot of beautiful Russian brides profiles. More and more single men today choose to contact an international dating website rather than search for a perfect match locally — and, with a good reason. Online dating offers a chance to fine-tune your search of an ideal wife, and present-day Russia is justly considered the ultimate destination for brides hunting. Russian women for marriage are not just smart and beautiful; they also have the most fascinating personalities and endless energy in running the house and raising the children.

Simply put, they do not shy away from traditional female roles or see those chores as a sacrifice of sorts. If you are a traditional man who wants to build a conventional nuclear family with a loving and supporting woman, you should definitely consider Russian mail order brides because these ladies may well be your best shot at happiness. Below, we’ll tell you how international marriage sites work, why Russian brides are such a good idea, and how you can choose a trustworthy dating site to meet those gorgeous beauties.

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Top things to know about Russian mail order brides

If you’re not familiar with the concept, we’ll set some things straight first. Despite slightly confusing ‘mail order’ term, you should think of Russian brides as online items for sale. Nowhere in this world can you buy a Russian bride — first and foremost because human trafficking is illegal. Then again, it would be hard to imagine hot Russian brides who want to be treated as goods.

In reality, you should think of a marriage site as a Russian brides club that introduces you to eligible ladies — either from Russia exclusively or, in some cases, from neighboring countries as well. Such sites are focused on marriage and long-term relationships, but essentially, they work like any other dating website you may have used. Beautiful Russian women have the same freedom of choice as you do. Also, you should not think they are so desperate that they’d agree to marry just anyone. Present-day Russia may have its fair share of political and economic issues — just like any other county in the world — but it’s still a perfectly livable place.

In other words, Russian girls are not looking to escape their country — so, if you had any concerns about their less than romantic intentions, you may relax. The most widespread reason why they join international dating sites is the demographic situation. Today, women outnumber men in Russia, which mesas it is a bit challenging for the ladies to find their perfect match. As for the rest, single Russian women are no different from most other ladies from developed countries. They are looking for love and affection, as well as a good partner to rely on. And that’s what marriage is supposed to be about, isn’t it?

Finally, you should understand that hot Russian women you meet online (most of them, at least) will have a very impressive education and high-paid jobs. So, you should not imagine that you will have to support your wife till the end of your days — this is hardly ever the case with educated and resourceful Russian women (who also happen to be hard-working). These astonishing ladies are used to working a full-time job and taking care of the traditionally female roles, such as running the house and raising children. Still, they get little appreciation for their efforts at home, so if you really want to build a happy family with a Russian bride, you’ll have to acknowledge her efforts.

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Living with a Russian wife: what it feels like?

But how do you know your family will be a happy one? Do Russian women make good wives and mothers? After all, marrying a foreigner is a serious commitment, and it’s not always easy to get your act together and start dating a lady from a different culture. On the other hand, you may want to consider that very few marriages formed via a professional dating agency end up in divorce — and that already counts for something. Plus, there is more than one reason why Russian mail order wives are considered some of the best finds in this world. Here is what you can count on when marrying a lovely Russian:

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Love and support in all situations

One thing you need to understand about Russians is that they are a tight community. However, their communities are not built on the national aspect alone. What truly matters is one’s immediate circle of friends and families; and, if you make this inner circle, you can count on your wife’s support in all situations. Russian wives take their marriage vows quite literally, and they will stand their husbands’ ground no matter what. If you aim for an equal partner who would also have a kind heart and gentle nature, beautiful Russian women are your best shot.

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Getting all household chores off your hands

One more thing Russian mail order brides excel at is running the house. In Russia, it’s quite common for women to work and still take care of all (or most) household duties, so Russian brides are quite used to it. Sure, we are not suggesting that you should treat your beautiful wife as a savvy housekeeper. Still, if you think how few Western gals are happy to combine the two, you’ll have more reason to consider Russian women for marriage. As a bonus, Russian cuisine is healthy and delicious, so you will not have to stuff yourself with semi-cooked dinners anymore. And if Russian cooking will not prove to your liking, your beautiful bride will gladly master any other recipes you favor because good cooking runs in her gene code.

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Raising smart and well-behaved children

When you marry someone, you always consider the possibility of having children together, and Russian women brides are the best mothers you will ever find. They are loving and smart, and they will make sure their children grow up loving and smart, too. Besides, very few Russians spoil their children and empathize discipline from an early age. Still, don’t rush to imagine an authoritative mom — on the contrary, Russian wives do their best to teach children independence and responsibility for their actions. Instead of setting up rules, they exercise some degree of liberty — with careful explanations and reasoning.

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An endless romantic adventure

Still, no one marries a woman for her household or child-rearing skills alone — it takes more than that to build a happy family. As you date Russian women, though, all of your doubts will be cleared — they are exactly the types of ladies men lose their heads over. They are fun, cheerful, and have a fantastic sense of humor. They are easy-going and yet responsible. These fascinating ladies can turn any day into an exciting adventure without forgetting their duties. And finally, they take excellent care of themselves — healthy nutrition, regular exercise, and carefully chosen clothes are part of any Russian woman’s daily routine.

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Tips on finding hot Russian brides online

We bet you are pretty excited about the possibility of meeting and dating Russian women by now. So, the question is — where do you find them, precisely? Can you join just any dating site and start chatting? Or do you necessarily have to consult a professional dating agency when searching for a bride?

On the whole, you can find plenty of Russian women online — without consulting a paid website (and all reputable sites will be commercial). However, there is one critical problem about using a free site — very few of them verify their brides’ identities. And, even if they do, free sites do no run any background checks to make sure the same people who created the accounts are still managing them. Simply put, there is little guarantee that all users you meet on free platforms will have the same intentions as you — or, that these users will be who they claim to be.

With paid dating websites, the situation is way more promising. For starters, most legitimate marriage sites have local divisions in Russia, and plenty of brides have to verify their identities (and their marital statuses) in person. If there is no office in the lady’s town, only then can she verify her ID over a video call. Even after the new applicant is admitted to the Russian brides club, she will still get occasional calls from the site management — just to make sure she is still the one in charge of her account.

Such strict control and personal verification is already reason enough to consult paid dating services — in our humble opinion. Besides, most sites do not charge a lot — a monthly subscription on most platforms will cost around $30-50 a month, and even this moderate price drops if you subscribe for more than a month. So, meeting Russian brides online is not as expensive as some people think — and definitely not as expensive as going on real-time dates that lead nowhere.

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How do you know a dating site is reliable?

Sure, when you pay money to a dating site, you’d want to make sure you get your money’s worth. So, here are some features that usually indicate a trustworthy, reliable service:

  • Polished up profiles: do not be surprised if all Russian brides you see on the site are young and beautiful. The main dating demographics on most mail order brides sites is between 25 and 35 years old, even though some women are younger or older than that. Also, do not discard a site simply because all profile pics on this platform are clearly professional. Most dating agencies urge their lady clients to have a pro photo shoot, and sometimes even supply their brides with an internal site photographer.
  • Complex search algorithms: professional sites do more than simply display a database of polished profiles. They also create complex search filters to help singles find their perfect match. With a reliable dating agency, you will have a chance to indicate plenty of search parameters from appearance and hobbies to personal habits and past marital experience.
  • Variety of communication tools: most reliable sites will invest a lot in their communications means, offering you a chance to contact beautiful Russian brides via email, live chat, or even video call. Also, note that when you are joining a professional site, you’re only paying for communication. Everything that goes before it (registration, search, profile browsing) should be free of charge.
  • Transparent prices and various payment means: speaking of prices, those should be clear and have no hidden costs. If you are joining a site that runs on a subscription basis, you should understand which features are a part of every subscription type. Some websites may also charge clients for every communication means they use. This is also a valid option, but you still should know exactly how much each letter (or each minute of chat) costs.
  • Travel arrangements: some services will not be included in a standard subscription plan, but may still be available on request. For example, a professional agency will easily offer you a hand when planning a trip to Russian. They can even book you a flight and a hotel room if you do not want to bother with such trifle details yourself.
  • Marriage assistance: if one of the gorgeous Russian brides steals your heart, you can consult the website for help with getting a marriage visa. Once again, you can take matters in your own hands if you like; but, sometimes, delegating at least part of the paperwork to experienced stuff is a wiser decision.
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Your takeaway on dating Russian women online

All in all, any site that offers to mail order Russian brides is just a professional marriage agency. So, always remember that the brides are free to choose their grooms and be on your best behavior when chatting with the ladies. They are not for sale, and they are looking for loving partners — just like you.

Ideally, take some time to research some cultural info about Russia and its beautiful women. This way, finding and charming the woman of your dreams should go a bit easier for you. And trust us, beautiful Russian brides are worth the effort!


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