Asian brides: a phantasy that becomes reality
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Are you one of those men looking to spend their lives with a tolerant and understanding woman who will love them and provide emotional support no matter what? Do you long for a relationship that's free of hassle and everyday bickering that so many Western couples have got used to? In case the answer to any of these questions is Yes, Asian mail order brides might be just what you are looking for. Being born and raised in countries like China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, or the Philippines, thousands of them register with international marriage agencies looking for husbands abroad.

We can only speculate what drives hot Asian women to become mail order brides. Some of the reasons probably include financial difficulties, desire to travel and experience new things, expecting to be treated with more respect than Asian husbands are accustomed to, etc. We’ll describe all these potential motives in some detail to give you an idea of what Asian women are like and what expectations they might have from their future husbands:

  • Financial hardship. Contrary to the common belief that Asian brides are trying to get away from poverty and find a wealthy man to support them, most of these women are not poverty-stricken. They hold at least a high school degree and are reasonably fluent in English. As such, they would have no problem securing a job locally and supporting themselves and their families if needed. Also, to register at an online dating site they would necessarily have internet access which is not available in rural areas populated with impoverished people. Therefore it's safe to claim that poverty is not the main reason for becoming a mail order bride.
  • Desire to experience new things. This motive is most definitely present in a significant percentage of women looking for husbands abroad. While marrying locally would bring an Asian woman a lifestyle predictably similar to that of her mother and other female relatives, finding a husband overseas is exciting and potentially adventurous. An average Asian woman with husband and children will never get to travel abroad, let alone to another continent. For some women, the only chance they would have of doing all these exciting things is to marry a foreigner.
  • Respect and appreciation. Historically, Asian men were rarely required to treat their wives as equal and were even prone to physical abuse. Nowadays, domestic violence is probably not more frequent in Asia than in any other part of the world, but women are still disadvantaged in many domains. They are usually not given the same job opportunities and are mostly regarded as less competent than their male counterparts. Being able to glance at the Western lifestyle through Hollywood movies, beautiful Asian women have come to expect more of life than what Asian husbands offer.

An Asian wife: mild temper and gorgeous looks

If you dream about marrying an Asian woman, you’re not alone. Successful men like the famous actor Nicolas Cage, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg or the music legend John Lennon, were all married to women of Asian descent. Although a highly diversified group encompassing persons of different ethnicities and looks, young Asian girls all share a certain charm that makes so many men attracted to them. It's hard to pinpoint the exact feature that makes them stand out in the crowd. Some would say it's their exotic beauty, their mysterious dark eyes or long black hair; others would argue it's their thin stature and gracious pace. Whatever it is that makes their physical appearance so eye-catching, it's also complemented by their personality characterized by a calm and peaceful demeanor, relaxed attitude and an ever-present smile. Who wouldn't want to have such a delightful creature by his side?

Being loyal and truthful to the man who won their heart is another crucial element that makes an Asian wife rise above the rest. Asian culture strongly discourages promiscuity and a woman dating one guy after another gets gravely frowned upon. Therefore, hot Asian teen girls do not engage in meaningless and casual sexual relationships but prefer to choose a partner carefully with expectations of a long-term relationship or marriage. This type of morality was valued highly throughout Europe and the US in previous generations but degenerated somewhat lately which not everyone finds acceptable. If moral principles of decency or even purity are essential to you, you will find dating a woman from Asia a refreshing experience. The sweetness and innocence of these girls are almost unparalleled in today's world of moral decadence.

An Asian bride is happy to leave all the critical decision-making to her husband and almost never questions his judgment, especially not in public. In the privacy of their home, she might express her opinion on an important matter, but it doesn't mean she would ever impose her will on anyone.  She unobtrusively speaks her mind and leaves it up to her husband to accept or reject her opinion, regardless of how strongly she feels about it.

She tends to her husband and children with utmost care and affection, making it her responsibility to keep them happy. Her man is always well-groomed and her children well-behaved and polite. Keeping the house tidy at all times is her mission, so bringing guests home on short notice is never a problem. She will prepare a delightful home-made dish of Asian cuisine that will leave no one indifferent.

This is to name but a few reasons why many psychologists regard Asian women to be perfect wives. One might say that their personality and behavior are reminiscent of that of our mothers and grandmothers and that they evoke the feeling of warmth associated with our childhood homes. Whatever it is that made Asian girls so desirable, ever increasing numbers of men worldwide are eager to meet Asian women, date them and eventually marry them. It's also worth mentioning that Asian girls have the rare quality of not being spooked when their boyfriend starts talking about marriage.

Most other girls would rather stay single and carefree, enjoy the benefits of dating a nice man without having to think about more serious things like marriage. It's quite the opposite with Asian women. The purpose of dating for them is to find a suitable husband, marriage being the next logical step in a committed relationship.

How to come in contact with Asian mail order brides?

After reading all this, you’re probably thinking: “That’s all fine and well, but where do I find an Asian girl to date?"  Fortunately, websites have been developed that specialize in bringing together Western men and Asian women. Hot Asian girls who are interested in marrying abroad approach a local dating agency in their homeland and create a profile that gets added to the site's database. Naturally, their credentials are checked carefully to prevent fraud and to secure that all those registering are of a legal age to marry. The whole process is designed to make the experience of online dating stress-free and safe.

On your end, it suffices to create a user account on some of the best Asian dating sites and the journey of finding your perfect bride may begin. It’s also possible to enter some additional search parameters when attempting to find the person best suited to you, such as a personality feature, height or even religious affiliation. This way the service will only match you with women who comply with all your requirements which is a luxury no real-life dating offer. Just think of the numerous occasions when a girl you met at a party who seemed perfect for you, turned out to have an obnoxious personality or inacceptable morals. How frustrating that must have felt! These situations are easily avoided with online dating when you're able to read the girls' profiles before actually starting communication with any of them.

When it comes to the number of girls you can meet on a marriage website that specializes in Asian brides, there is no limit to it. Once a member, you can get in touch with as many girls as you need before you decide on which one you like best. We understand that choosing a partner for life is not something one does on a whim; we even encourage our customers to take their time. Although using a dating site is time-saving, there's no rush to decide on your future wife. We can assure you that Asian girls understand that better than anyone, since getting divorced is something they rarely give a thought. Even at times when a marriage hits a rough patch, they're determined to work through the problems and overcome a difficult situation rather than ending the relationship altogether.

Asian women dating foreign men are aware that the differences in mentality or customs are inevitable. They are tolerant and willing to adjust their behavior to your expectations without losing their individuality in the process. Some tolerance is welcomed on your end as well. First of all, you need to be patient if the communication with your Asian bride does not run smoothly in the beginning. Her English skills are perhaps not perfect, but in time, she'll undoubtedly become quite fluent. The language of love is said to be universal, so communicating feelings should not be a problem. In all the rest it's sufficient to take it slowly, double-check if your intended message came through the way you meant it and to be prepared for occasional misunderstandings. These happen even between people who share a mother tongue.

With an Asian wife, you will never have to worry about her wanting to compete with you on a professional or financial front. She is more than happy to be the silent force behind a successful man and doesn't feel the urge to pursue a career at any cost. She will never judge you or reject you after you had a business failure or experienced a setback at work. You can count on her support and willingness to cheer you up when you feel down. This attitude originates from her patriarchal upbringing that made her prepared to always stick with her man, no matter how hard life might get.

When you think of all the men whose lack of self-confidence stems from being put down by the women they meet, living with an Asian wife comes as a blessing. Respecting the man they marry is something they learn as young girls growing up in families that embrace traditional values. It's only natural that they expect nothing less than respect and appreciation from you as well. After all, it is the foundation of a firm marriage, isn't it?

The introduction of the internet and its extensive use worldwide contributed to the limits imposed by national borders becoming obsolete and the possibility of finding a wife overseas a reality. Globalization has made meeting Asian singles easily accessible to men from Western countries. It's up to you to benefit from the opportunities available. The way to do it is by opening yourself to a whole world of new acquaintances you can make, some of which can lead to long-term relationships and even marriage. The concept of online dating can seem frightening at the beginning, but after you get accustomed to it, it will feel just as natural as meeting a woman locally.

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